The GHD Story - A short Take a look at GHD's History

Ghd is probably the worlds most well-known brands of ceramic flat irons, as well as in the past svereal years has revealed an immediate growth. Founded only seven years back in 2001 from the self-described accidental entrepreneur, Ghd managing director, Martin Penny, has seen the business enterprise jump from the small set up company just trying to get seen in a hectic hairdressing industry to something completely off of the map. Now when folks think of hair straightners they believe with the GHD Precious IV Styler.Named from the 2005 Sunday Times Steps for success since the Fastest Growing Company, the scheduled revenues in year a couple of the ghd strategy were between 3 and 4 million; they did 12 million. The master plan with the third year was 5 million; the truth was 37 million, as well as growth continues today.

A Yorkshire based, British-owned company, it is actually over seven in years past ever since a hairdresser friend showed Martin Penny some ceramic plated hair styler he been sent by way of a South Korean inventor and suggested he buy the license to deal with. The first of the kind, GHD Limited Edition is synonymous for any revolutionary ceramic stylers, which kicked off the buzz for hair straightening.

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Many company's have tried to follow suit by bringing out ceramic plated straighteners. However, these rivals don't have the quality and brand identity and loyalty of ghd. On account of the celebrity and salon endorsement - in addition to the expertise of the product - GHD Outlet iv stylers use a cult-like following, with an overseas expansion established in over 15 countries. Memorable marketing and advertisngs campaigns and a ghd Directive of top stylists maintain ghd's position as being a market leader and also the brand is promoting from the original classic styler to limited edition versions. Ghd also now have a large production - called Ghd Thermodynamics as well as an in salon Expert education arm spearheading the latest products, techniques and looks. Just, Ghd moved there company development a step forward while using the launch of the Pink GHD Kiss plus the new Purple GHDXmas gift set.